Medical emergencies never announce their arrival – which is why we need to be prepared for them at all times. Having medical insurance is important, but during disasters you need it all the more. Imagine a cashless service at your call, 24×7 that will facilitate you claiming your insurance.

Where Can You Avail This Service?

Cashless Service can be provided only in Insurer-specific third-party administrator’s (TPA) network hospitals, which are usually enlisted at their websites.

What Documents Do You Need?

The list is short and simple, just the way you’d like it:

  • Employee ID/UHID Number
  • Photo ID like Aadhar card/Voter Id card/ PAN card with DOB
  • All relevant Medical Records including previous consultation papers

The hospital will initiate the cashless request with the TPA. They will issue the authorization letter to the hospital as per the terms and conditions of your policy.

Cashless authorization is issued upon verification of records and compliance of terms and conditions of the insurance policy. As a member, you are required to sign on the final bill and claim form before leaving the hospital.

What about Non-Network Hospital Treatment?

In case of a treatment done in a Non-Network Hospital, you can avail the Reimbursement Service:

1.Intimation is mandatory within 24 hours of hospitalization The member is required to submit the following documents in ORIGINAL,

  • Duly Filled in Claim Form
  • Final bill with breakup
  • Cash paid receipt
  • Discharge Summary
  • Cash paid receipt
  • Investigation Reports
  • Related Prescriptions (photocopy)
  • Photo copy of Employee ID/ Aadhar card/ PAN card & CKYC documents

One such TPA that will always be there for you is FHPL. To put it simply, once you are a member of FHPL, we will do our utmost in making sure you and your family members recover with a smile on your faces. For any query you can call FHPL’s toll free number: 1-800-425-4033.