Tring-tring-tring. The alarm rings. You slap the button shut and sleep some more, telling yourself that you’ll start exercising tomorrow.

Taking the pillow over your head, you try to shut all the sounds,

not realizing that some of them are inside the head.

A part of you wants to go out and face the sun, but the command isn’t strong enough.

The dark side of the mind prevails. The body fails.

And another day goes by in regret.

Has all that 9 to 5 slogging, running the race, chasing the sometimes invisible target induced a sense of self pity?

Does wellness seem like a boulder you can’t seem to move or find your way around?

Don’t sweat it. Wellness isn’t so hard. It’s there in the everyday things, hidden in our

mundane schedules, waiting to be discovered.

It’s not about buying fancy gym clothes or expensive shoes; it’s not about

hiring an expensive personal trainer who probably knows a lot about bodies, but not your body;

it’s not about the inconvenience of going out of your way.

It’s actually all about convenience.


This shouldn’t be so hard, right? Just dunk 4 litres a day. No matter where you are. No matter what you’re doing? It regulates all the vitals, keeps you active and keeping your skin glowing and it won’t harm to look younger. PS: Start your day with some luke-warm water with a dash of lemon, and it’ll clean sweep all the history from your system without a trace.


It’s almost like we’ve forgotten how to sit straight or stand up right. We’re always leaning. Can blame technology for it, but that’s not going to help. What will help is being observant, recognising all the pain points and eliminating them with simple stretches until you get it all right without paying attention. It’ll get your blood flowing freely and that’ll eventually channelise your energies better.


Double the benefit. You get the exercise and the protein. Eat some egg whites every day and they’ll burn the carbs before they find a place to hide. And choose a bakery or a store that’s at least a mile away from your house. Not the one that’s right around the corner. It might serve cheaper eggs, but it won’t serve the purpose.


We put ourselves at risk the moment we started looking outside our home kitchen. The Indian kitchen is not just a paradise of taste, but also health. Our indigenous ingredients come together to satisfy our hunger and also create a preventive cure for most illnesses. Eat indoors. Play outdoors. That’s the mantra.


You may ask, ‘how is this helping me get fit in any way?’ Well, it probably won’t add to your wellness, but it certainly will protect it. You don’t want to let some random bacteria take all your good health down the flush.


That next episode of your favourite web series is going to be online even tomorrow. And also all that whacky stuff your friends are posting. You don’t have to skim through all of it today. An overdose of anything is bad. Especially when it eats into your sleep time. You need at least 6 hours of healthy sleep to function properly the next day. So put your phone aside and focus on your breathing. And before you know it, you’ll be in some sweet dream, being an absolute legend.


No. No. No. Please don’t do it in the lunch break. Not when it’s right on top of you. Do it early in the mornings; when the good lord is not ferocious and in the mood to gently kiss your skin with its rays. It’ll give you the balance you seek, keep you positive throughout the day and also give you more time before you rush to work. And time, my friend, is the quintessence of happiness today.


Modern buildings, thankfully, are not like modern motorcycles. Modern motorcycles have no kick rod. Even if you don’t want to, you have to start it with a button. Modern buildings on the other hand are not so robotic. They’ve still got the staircase. Use it and it’ll be like a micro cardio session a few times a day. Your heart’s going to love it.


We don’t mean you must be pious all the time. Just be optimistic. Think positive, spread good vibes and attract anything and everything you desire. Be a floating Buddha. Most importantly, carry your smile always.