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International Women’s Day

Recent years have seen great progress for women and girls around the globe. From Malala Yousafzai winning the Nobel Peace Prize to Emma Watson’s viral #heforshe movement, women took to the main stage and had their voices heard. On March 8, the world will turn its attention to women and girls for International Women’s Day,

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Blood Donation

With the demand for blood donors increases drastically, the emphasis on the importance of rolling up your sleeve becomes a need of the hour! Often, many blood donation centres are forced to halt services due to the frigid weather and many blood donors are unable to donate due to various illnesses. This is why

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Five morning healthy habits

Morning routines set a tone for your upcoming day. And of all the various things you take up to improve your productivity, a morning routine is one of the most effective. Let’s look into few morning routines, which leave a great impact on overall productivity. While it’s good to have big goals, make your

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Stress Management at the Work Place

Stress can be defined as, “our mental, physical, emotional, and behavioral reactions to any perceived demands or threats.” Certain people are more vulnerable to stress than others. An inevitable part of life, stress can be motivating, generating better results, but when feelings of stress become overwhelming, it can have a huge impact on a person’s

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Remove distractions and prioritize Health

Distractions are never productive, always present at your fingerprints and almost always succeed in wasting your time and stealing attention away from something important. They even distract you from staying healthy. Think about it this way. Decades later when you will be a crooked old man unable to keep a straight posture, what will

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Eat Right to Stay Healthy and Feel Right

Do we eat to live? Or do we live to eat? The answer to this very important question lies at the centre of the dietary choices we make as adult human beings. Who doesn’t love food? One could argue that food is the most pleasurable and delightful factor about human life. Yet, it never means

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Making time for workout despite your busy schedule

City life is all about the rush. Waking up, getting ready for the day, rushing through breakfast before rushing through traffic so that you start your work on time, meet the deadlines head-on, finish your work on time, so that you can beat the traffic again to get home quickly to spend some quality family

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