Recent years have seen great progress for women and girls around the globe. From Malala Yousafzai winning the Nobel Peace Prize to Emma Watson’s viral #heforshe movement, women took to the main stage and had their voices heard. On March 8, the world will turn its attention to women and girls for International Women’s Day, celebrating the many success stories and recognizing what still needs to be done.

On this day, we celebrate all the courageous and inspiring women around us who are shaping the world towards betterment. The day is also a reminder that so much more needs to be done for numerous women whose voice is still unheard and who are not given the freedom to showcase their full potential.

All day, every day, around the world a more gender-balanced world is being forged. Individuals and groups are making a concerted Balance-for-Better worldwide through tangible action. From grassroots awareness raising to highly visible campaigns with impact, gender parity is being forged. The voices that demand gender equality are getting louder than ever. So, has life changed for the ordinary woman?

Many of us are lucky to be part of families/societies/organizations where gender equality is both a guiding principle and a practice. However, it’s not all roses and rainbows everywhere.

Here are 4 things that you can do to celebrate International Women’s Day this year:

Promote gender diversity:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that empowering women and creating a more balanced environment is good for everyone. According to two studies by scientists at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Union College, the more women a team had, and the better they performed. And it’s not just limited to being foot soldiers. According to a study by Grant Thornton, “companies perform better when they have women in leadership roles.”

But bridging the gender gap is not just limited to reading and knowing about these women. It’s also about recognizing and eliminating the unconscious biases that we bring to the society. This can encourage this by organizing seminars and workshops, as a first step in this direction.

Read an inspiring book:

You don’t have to change the world by big, public gestures. Sometimes, the best way is to inspire and ignite your own mind. You can browse through numerous curated lists online and find something that resonates with you. Because feminism, like books, is for everybody!

Ready to take things a step further? Organize a book club on a weekend, decide on one book to read, and share notes later. Nothing brings people together better than discussing ‘the line that really popped out at me’!

Celebrate women:

It’s been an interesting year for women in every arena, why not celebrate women? Celebrate the tiniest of victory to make her feel loved and cared. The celebration of her, being just her. The individuality, the positive aura, the willingness to be better than herself, has led her to the path of this success.

Attend a networking event — or create your own

Events are a great way to meet men and women who share the same concerns and face the same challenges as you. A quick Google search will reveal a multitude of online and offline events that you can attend — from the CII to Lean In and Elevate. Better yet — create your own event at your availability and convenience. All it takes is some coffee and a comfy meeting room!

We at FHPL wish all the beautiful ladies out there, An Empowering Women’s Day, it is you who keep us going and motivated.