City life is all about the rush. Waking up, getting ready for the day, rushing through breakfast before rushing through traffic so that you start your work on time, meet the deadlines head-on, finish your work on time, so that you can beat the traffic again to get home quickly to spend some quality family time. The cycle goes on and on. Once you get into the habit of it all, you kind of find it immensely difficult to make time for workout.
The only thing you can do is squeeze in time in between your many activities. As difficult as it may seem, it’s not quite impossible. Here are a few easy ways you can make time for health in your busy schedule.

Plan It. Then Commit to It.

Working out needs a lot of dedication. The first step is believing you can do it. The next and the most important step is actually doing it. You need a great amount of willpower to stick to your plan, be it something as small as cycling 20 minutes a day, to something as big as visiting the gym for an hour every morning.


As trivial as it may sound, walking plays a huge role in our daily life. We are so used to our cars, and app based cab services, and delivery apps, that we almost forget the power of our own two legs. Walking is a great way to increase blood circulation and induce sweat. Brisk walking for 10 mins is even better.


Believe it or not, you are never too old to cycle. Be it an exercising cycle at home, or even a real cycle you can use to run your little errands. Bicycling actually helps with your blood flow, just like walking. Moreover it is a great way to reduce belly flop and moderate blood pressure.

Sit down and Breathe

Mental health is just as important as physical health – 15 mins of sitting down and focusing on your breath helps to calm your mind, achieve peace and avoid stress.

Reduce Screen Time

The amount of time we spend on Social Media screens these days, big or small, has been declared unhealthy by many different and independent studies. If it is difficult to take off time from work, you must do what is necessary and reduce your time dedicated to screens. This is likely to allow you 15 mins of exercise.

Workout at Work

It’s not easy to get a lot of physical exercise while at work. Still, you must try your best to do some desk stretch exercises, walk around, and aid blood circulation. Try not to sit at one place for too long. Walk around the office, or even go out for a break as work permits every now and then. When you’re up and about on your two feet, it really helps with the higher brain functions you require for body.

Be an active watcher

Even if you have to watch the news, or the latest episode of your favourite show, why be static when you are watching it. You can work out while you are watching TV/Youtube/Netflix. It’s a classic example of multitasking. It’s actually beneficial if you are not thinking about the physical stress of exercising while you are doing it. Think of it like listening to music while jogging.

Get Innovative

No one really knows your schedule like you. Therefore, no one can tell you how best to make time out of it like you do. If you are dedicated enough you will find a way to make time for your health. After all, your family’s health depends on it.